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Welcome to the Writers Room for Raw Black Films. 

The Urban Writers Room isn't just for writers. While writers are visionaries, all visionaries aren't considered as writers.

This space provides a unique opportunity of receiving the support of a planning team prior to pre-production. 

Here, we bridge the gap between the Creative Planning Team and the Production Crew (Directors, DP's, Producers) for authentic storytelling, visual and execution. 

By joining The Urban Writer Room, writer's and visionaries will create Shorts:

  • Films

  • Series

  • Commercials,

  • Skits

  • Music Videos

With many resources for :

  • Creative Idea Contribution & Request

  • Creative Planning Team 

  • Production Crew Opportunities

  • Writing, Producing, Directing & more

  • Learning the Fundamentals of Urban Storytelling Basic Joke Writing & Filmmaking

  • Writers Block Help

  • Social Media Content & Story Character Ideas

  • Finding your Creative Voice

  • Songwriters and more.

Browse NO-cost resources to contribute towards your writing, production and creative developmental journey



Join a New Project

Projects in the workshop seeking a planning team

​Planning Teams Consist of:

  • 1 - Writers
  • 1 - 2nd Writer/Writer's Assistant
  • 1 - Comedy Personnel
  • 1 - Producer or Creative Director
  • 1 - Cinematographer or Director
  • Moderator

Browse Ideas

Access a Database Story/Content Ideas and Characters:

  • Different Type of Friends
  • Family Members
  • Works Characters
  • Youtube Ideas
  • Social Media Character Ideas

1-Hour Skills Session

Join a virtual session to learn the basic fundamentals of filmmaking and storytelling and receive personal development

  • Career Room
  • Motivation Room
  • Inspiration Room

Find a Creative Idea

Request ideas for your project from the writer's room Community Board:

  • FInd Project Idea Help
  • Share or Seek Opportunities
  • Create Open Discussions
  • Network
  • Post achievements
  • Meet like minded members
  • and more...

Social Media Strategies

Marketing strategies for Brand and Personal Pages

  • Increase Traffic
  • Build a Targeted Audience
  • Photo & Video Enhancement Tips
  • Hashtag/Captions/Thumbnail Tips
  • Posting Times & Frequency

Pitch a Logline

Submit a logline to be workshopped

  • Short Film Development Only
  • Logline submissions only; all others will not be considered
  • Must have a prepared synopsis 
  • All submitted projects will be required for workshop, to meet Raw Black Films standards and funded 

Writer's Sign-up

Do you love writing? 

Seeking writers with a passion for creating unapologetic TV, Film and Content.

This is a collaborative effort in joining like-minded visionaries to build their portfolio in filmmaking.


Inspiration Center

Real people with real stories are invited into the Writers Room to tell their story to a team of writers. Each story will receive equal opportunity of potential Short FIlm development.

Film Reels

Creative Room

Find projects, discussions and support towards executing your creativity. Meet potential writes, visionaries and actors.