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Do You Have a Story to Tell?

The Writers Room is looking for you! 

Everyone has a story, and the world deserves to hear yours. Live Storytelling here at Raw Black Films connects real people with real stories to a unique opportunity of sharing their story with a team of writers in The Urban Writes Room

All stories are welcomed for Storytime:

  • Drama: Family - Relationship - Professional - Street - Legal Resolved Cases

  • Action: Feuds - Chases - Fights - Robberies - Disputes - Births - Death

  • Professional: Accomplishments - Act of Service - Life Changing Opportunities - Mentorship - From Nothing to Something - Employee/Employer 

  • Thriller/Fantasy: Fairies - Ghost - Spirits - Tales - Wives Tales - Conspiracies

  • Entertainment: Music Industry Stories  - Dancers - Adult Entertainers - Production - Celebrity 

  • People: Culture - Colorism - Gentrification - Black Love - Dishonesty - Gentrification -  Loyalty


The Writers Room virtual storytelling is intended to provide writer's block assistance for creatives who may be in need of inspiration for a character, theme or dialog. Each story will receive equal opportunity of being pitched and discussed in The Urban Writers Room amongst members for a potential short film development. However, this is not guaranteed for all participants. Live storytelling is designed to promote relatable, responsible and authentic filmmaking.

What to Expect:

- Real names and identities of other members of the story should NOT to be used when telling your story. Be sure to prepare false names in advance.

- Each guest speaker will receive 1 hour total, 30 minutes to tell story. 15 minutes for Q&A at the end.

- If the story gets picked up, the storyteller may be required to join (1) Private Writers Room session. (We will contact you directly)

*Ask about Anonymous Storytime.


Guest Speaker Bookings:

Fill out the questionnaire to become a guest speaker click here.