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Capture the legacy of your loved ones. 

Legacy videos are the new age VHS home video. Get answer to questions that were never asked from stories we’ll always remember.

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 1-hour professional production

Receive a 1hour Documentary video to add to your families vault. Completed with additional footage like B-role, a Montage, Behind the Scenes outtakes and a word from family and friends.


One - on - One Interview

Get to know the history of you elder in a formal, in-depth interview by asking up to 100 questions you'd never think to ask. Choose a strong relative comfortable enough to recite the tough questions on camera or request a producer to host the documentary. No sweat, our team will help you come up with the list.

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Montage + B-role

Family Clips &  Happy Moments

Highlighted moments of the families foundation.

Introduce viewers into the everyday lives of the Matriarch or the Patriarch of the family with short clips from family and friends.

 The Process

 Plan & Strategize 

Together, we will discuss the project to learn information on the how to formulate the best execution strategy.


Our team will then apply the notes, while working with you, the family and friends to create a captivating Documentary.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Post Production 

Once filming has wrapped, our editors will take 7-14 days to clean up the footage and create a timeless piece for your Families Legacy.

The final cut will be sent to the person of contact, including any raw footage. 
With your permission, we will post the final cut on our channel for the world to see.


100% Money Back Guarunteed

 Schedule a Consultation 

Speak with a representative from Raw Black Films to see if we are the perfect fit for your Legacy Video.