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We all know of those office characters who keeps the work day entertaining or a drag.



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The people we can't live with or without. Gotta love the characters which makes up a family.

They say love is a drug, curse, a blessing or just plain stupid. The mates that tickles our souls.

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YouTuber Ideas

Becoming a youtuber seems like anyone's game. All you need is a camera and a topic, right? While the camera is always available, the topics are not.

Here is a list of Youtube ideas to help with your content production.


Hair blog

Hair demonstration

Hair review

Hair clients

Hair shows

Hair growth tips

How to make wigs

How to do a sew

Makeup tutorial

Makeup looks

Makeup clients

Makeup review

Makeup line

How to make makeup

How to start a makeup line

MUA tips

Makeup advice

Skincare tips

How to start a skincare line

Beauty storytime

Esthetician tips

Product review

Brand ambassador promotion

How to lighten teeth

Natural home remedies




Day in the life

Behind the scenes (BTS)



Nature walks

Time Lapse

Before & After

Man on the street

Motivation & Inspiration

Come to work with me

Health Fitness

Gym demonstration

Yoga demo

Personal training demo

Cardio routine

Pilates routine

Kickboxing routing

How to become flexible 

Weight Loss tips

Weight Loss drink

Dancing to covers

Performing choreography

Teaching choreography


Jump scare

Fart spray

Ghost in the home

Crying baby in background

Rate my cooking

Positive pregnancy test (at own risk)

Fake rash with glue

Falling asleep after setting the mood

Fake insect

Fake reptile

Replace water with alcohol

Classic whoopie cushion 

Twin swap

Calling spouse a different name (at own risk)

Dropping money to test loyalty

I quit/got fired

Stuffed animal costume jumpscare

Playing embarrassing things out loud

Water bottle boner


Someone's in the bed (pillow prank)

Loyalty test (at own risk)

3sum with friend (at own risk)

Stolen car parked in friends garage

Alive food surprise

Arts & Entertainment

Singing covers

Jam sessions


Funny jingles

Playing instruments

Painting/Sketching time lapse

Body positivity

Sex positivity

Step by step food recipes


Public interviews


Airport vlogs

Packing vlogs

Tips on packing

Cultural food vlogs

Activity vlogs

Traveling storytime

Tring local street food

Beach vlogs

Tips on spring break, holiday, birthday, group, leisure locations



Trying exotic fruits 

Dining vlog

Catering vlog

Home chef recipes

How to become a chef

How to plate your food like a chef

How to cook for large groups

Baby food recipe

Smoothie recipe

Italian dish recipe

Jamaican dish recipe

Haitian dish recipe

Taco recipes

Dessert recipe

Bartending tips

Bottle service tips

How to get your bartending license

How to mix drinks

How to get into the restaurant business

Getting your first food truck

Restaurant secrets


Wardrobe haul

Clothing reviews

Sewing timelapse

Sewing tutorials

Carpet making

How to start a clothing line

Making clothes from home

Vinyl printer review

Canvas t-shirt review

Website & Content Design

How to become a content creator

How to create content for social media

Best sites to create content

How to use photoshop

How to edit photos

How to resize photos

How to create a stock photo

Best photo editors

How to become a website designer

How to code

How to become a content writer

Advertising tips

Marketing tip

Best times to post on social media

How to grow your following

How to build your audience

Importance of hashtags