About Us

Who we are:

Raw Black Films (RBF) is a production company and for Unapologetic TV, Film & Media. In conjunction with The Urban Writers Room, RBF's official writer's room. 

  With contribution of diverse creators here at The Urban Writers Room, our current focus is writing and producing:

Short Films

The next phase of development will be all Media:

 Feature Films

 Scripted Series

Reality TV


 Music Videos Skits

 Social Media Content



Comedy Acts and more.

Whether you are at the beginning of your TV & Film Career or a seasoned Industry Player, there is something for everyone here at Raw Black Films & The Urban Writers Room.


Talent is everywhere unfortunately, opportunities are not. Most creators starting out,simply have no clue where to begin or how to execute a vision or career in Entertainment.

There are limited resources available to the public which may require film school, acting classes, program or an online course.


Our goal is to provide accessible resources for the dreamers who may be in the wrong career, the hard 9-5 workers with a story to tell, struggling writers who've been stuck on the ending of a scene for weeks, or the Make-Up Artist who has an amazing idea but no access to a writer.

Raw Black Films goal is to bridge the gap for visionaries to dependable resources, committed to producing authentic and unapologetic storytelling.


NO-COST weekly virtual events:

- Learn the Fundamentals of Storytelling &


- The Basis of Writing a Joke + Character Building Activities

- Music Artist Development

- Life Coaching



Our Purpose:

RBF is striving to bring back the narrative in Raw, Black, and Unapologetic content to TV & Film. 

Reuniting the world with Filmmaking from a comedic perspective.

For example, projects like "US" (Thriller), "Fast & Furious Franchise" (Action), and "Harlem Nights" (Drama) were based on real-life or fictional events but, the delivery has major notes of comedy.


As streaming services began to take over the airwaves back in 2013, drama series and commercial-free TV became the go-to programs. In result may have silenced many writers of color, urban backgrounds and comedy writers.

RBF is dedicated towards filling the void that has been missing in TV culture by using the EXACT formula of our nostalgic, heart warming classics and laugh-out-loud comedy. This is a production company of the future and will be THE reliable source of entertainment for generations to come.